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Dave Nodwell Muskoka Contracting
Muskoka Kitchens and Kitchen Cabinetry

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Traditionally, your kitchen is the most used room in your home. The family meeting place where you prepare and take your meals. The place where you sit and sip coffee while planning your day or coming events.

Discover the beauty of a custom built kitchen, or piece of furniture, constructed to your specifications, in a design that will compliment your home.

Dave Nodwell Muskoka Contracting specializes in building custom designed cabinets and kitchens. We use carefully selected woods to build our quality cabinets.

  • Attention to Detail
  • From Concept to Completion
  • Cabinetry for any room in the house

Plan your kitchen with the functionality, flow and beauty that make it a pleasure to use and entertain. Call Dave Nodwell and share your dream plans or view our past projects.

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Dave Nodwell
4656 Hwy # 169,
Port Carling Muskoka Ontario
1-888-732-8202 or 705-646-3442